How to Increase the Storage Space at Your Farm

Add a pole barn to your property in New Hartford, Cedar Falls, IA or the surrounding areas

Running a farm involves a lot of equipment and supplies. If you need more storage space at your farm, turn to Gingerich Post & Frame. We're a go-to company for agricultural post frame construction in New Hartford, Cedar Falls, IA and surrounding areas.

No matter what you need to store on your property, we'll build the structure to hold it. We can build pole barns of any size. Since our structures are customizable, every piece of equipment will have its place. Call now at 319-464-7781 to talk to our professionals about your pole barn needs.

Customize your pole barn

Customize your pole barn

Our experts will sit down with you to talk through your pole barn needs. We'll ask you the following questions to build the perfect structure:

  • What kind of equipment do you need to store?
  • Will you need larger equipment in the future?
  • Where's the best location for the pole barn?

We base our agricultural post frame construction on your future growth. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation in New Hartford, Cedar Falls, IA or surrounding areas.